Autoroll Garage Door Services

Garage Roller Door Repair, Automation, Installation, Motor & Remote Replacement.

At Autoroll, we can help. No job is too big or too small!

Whatever problems you are having with your garage door or garage door motor, call Autoroll now and have a chat to our experienced technicians.

Whether your roller door has been subjected to weather damage or impact damage we can help you get it replaced quickly and cost effectively. If you have home insurance these repairs may be covered depending on your provider.

We service and install all garage door makes and models and reach all areas across Adelaide. Call us at 0455 22 11 00 to discuss your options.

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Garage Servicing & Repair

A garage door is the biggest moving part in your home and like all things mechanical will be subject to general wear and tear. Servicing your garage door ensures it continues to run smoothly and helps extend the overall life of the door.

The team at Autoroll Garage Doors are committed to performing your service in a timely but thorough manner and will always let you know if any further work is required to get the door running correctly. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction in our work and interactions with you.

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Door Motors & Remotes

So you want a remote-controlled garage door? Who doesn’t! No more heavy lifting and no more getting out of the car on those rainy nights. Automating your existing garage door has never been easier, all you need is us! You also need a door in good working condition, a standard power-point and sufficient head and side room.

We can automate your Roller Doors, Sectional Doors, Panel Doors and the even the old style Tilt Doors.

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Installation & Replacement

Your garage door takes up a large visual space on the façade of your home, you make the decision on how you want it to look. Do you want a roller door, a panel door or a sectional door? Do you want your garage door to be made from timber, steel or aluminium? Autoroll works with big name manufacturers across the country to ensure we can find the best solution for you.

For added convenience, you can purchase from Autoroll Garage Doors an automatic garage door opener for any type of garage door and have it fitted professionally.


Roller doors and their automatic operators must work 24/7 in all weather conditions. With a little care and attention, your garage door will keep performing long into the future. We recommend your door is serviced by an Autoroll technician every 12 months, to make sure it is lubricated and correctly aligned.

Our services include; lubrication, maintenance and alignment check, coding new or existing garage door remotes, replacement garage door and roller door motors, replacement weather seals, cables and springs, replacement garage door motor electronics, parts and more!


Don’t let a broken roller door ruin your day – call an Autoroll Garage Doors technician today!

Our team of expert technicians work with and repair a broad range of roller doors including Gliderol and B&D. We even fix our competitor’s mistakes.

We pride ourselves on our installation service. Autoroll offers a wide variety of new roller doors to help you provide security, convenience and update the look of your home. If your door is beyond repair then we can quote, supply and install a new garage door and motor.


Automating your existing garage door has never been easier with Autoroll. A motor can be fitted to a broad range of roller doors if it is in good working condition. Our technicians can also repair your existing motor and even replace the batteries in your remote.

All roller door motors come with the warranty set by the manufacturer.